Our Story

In the year 2000 the owners, who live in London, decided to buy a country house in or around the beautiful Bordelais. After about two years of intense research a small, simply structured manor house with very nice views and mildly sloping hills was shown to the family and they immediately fell in love with ‘PUY REDON’.

Surrounded by endless neighbouring vineyards and influenced by the owners passion for white wine a first test of the soil was performed. As the initial results  were quite encouraging a second professional analysis was commissioned in Bordeaux :  The result was compelling. A well balanced stoney, clay limestone soil perfectly suited  to grow Chardonnay.

It was clear from the beginning if there ever should be a PUY REDON wine only the best will do and commercial considerations should play a role much later. For over three years the soil was prepared, planting rights were purchased and finally in 2008 Chardonnay wines were bought in Burgundy and planted on five valued hectares in PUY REDON. Through a lucky coincidence  Hubert de Bouard de Laforest (Angelus) visited PUY REDON and immediately took a strong interest in the project.

Two years later his people oversaw the first vendange and keeping with the usual de Bouard aim for excellence, grapes were handpicked and destammed manually.

Since 2018 Stephanie de Bouard-Rivoal, Hubert’s daughter and Managing Director of Angelus, is co-owner of Puy Redon.

Vinified in oak barrels, where they are ‘battoned’ several times a week, the aim was to create a taste similar to the classic Burgundy Chardonnays.

The first wine of 2011 was a surprise and revelation to everybody: a balanced, creamy yet steely wine with traces of citrus and toastiness and an unexpected smooth texture.

The primeurs 2012, again impressed leading critics. PUY REDON, since then, year after year, does not stop to excite connaisseurs around the world and promises to have a bright future.